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Billiard Table Sizes
  • Standard : At 8 feet long, this is the typical size you will see in homes or small bars. Standard size tables are best for most bonus rooms, basements, or game rooms. This size provides a happy medium between large tables, which are easier to play on, and smaller tables that save on space.
  • Large : Larger 9-foot and 10-foot tables are often used in pool halls or billiards rooms.
  • Bar : Bar tables are 7 feet in length which makes them a great option for smaller spaces.
  • Mini : These tables are anything that is less than 7 feet in length including portable and tabletop models.
Table Construction
  • Surfaces
    • Slate is considered the best and most durable surface for billiards, but is also the most expensive. It is the only surface approved for professional billiards because it provides an optimal roll for the ball and the weight of the material keeps it level longer.
    • Slate-alternative tables or three-piece slate tables provide a similar quality and weight at a more affordable price.
    • MDF or wooden bed surface beneath the cloth is much more affordable and comprises most of the tables available on the market.
  • Fabrics
    • Most pool table surfaces are covered with a blend of wool and nylon for maximum playability and durability. There is a range of quality levels, from tournament-quality felt wool billiard cloth to spill-resistant blends for recreational use.
  • Frames

    • Frames generally come in three main types: solid, manufactured, and metal. Solid wood frames provide the best support and durability, especially with a slate surface. Manufactured and metal tables often come with an MDF surface for a more affordable option.
  • Styles
    • Felt Color : Choose from a variety of felt colors for the play top of your pool table; green or red felt looks vintage and traditional while camel or khaki creates a more subdued look.
    • Finish : There is a range of finishes available for pool tables. The most traditional is a black finish or a medium wood stain however, there are also metal tables that feature custom designs or sports team logos for the ultimate game room look.
  • Pockets
    • Drop Pockets : For a more traditional style, consider a pool table with drop pockets. This usually consists of a net on each corner of the table that you can manually grab the ball from.
    • Auto Ball Return : This is a great option for faster games, however this feature is generally only available on large or standard-size pool tables.