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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Poker Table

Are your weekly poker nights in need of an upgrade? Maybe it’s time to graduate from the kitchen table to a brand-new poker table! A soft felt tabletop, cupholders, and a table designed for the classic game are sure to make you and your fellow players feel like you’re in a Vegas casino, no matter where you are!

ManCaveGamez is now an authorized dealer of BBO Poker Tables, the official brand table of the World Poker Tour. These tables come with a variety of customization and upgrade options to make sure you’re playing in style without sacrificing quality.

Here are the three main factors you should consider when choosing the perfect table for a night of good old-fashioned gambling.


Poker tables come in two main shapes and range in size from about 72”-104” in length. Smaller tables are typically circular or octagon shaped, and can seat around 5-7 people. If you host a smaller party of players or you have limited space, these tables are your best bet.

The BBO Nighthawk Classic Poker Table is perfect for saving space without sacrificing style or quality. This circular table can even be upgraded to feature a removable dining tabletop to maximize its use.

For larger groups of players, you’ll want to consider an oval-shaped, “Casino Style” table. These tables are long enough to accommodate 8-10 players.

The BBO Ultimate Poker Table is a classic folding table design that can be easily stored to save space while easily seating up to 10 players.


If you’re hosting poker nights on a regular basis, you’ll need a table that can handle it. Make sure you choose a table with a high quality, smooth playing surface that won’t create lint or wear down easily, and a sturdy rail that can support players leaning on it.

The BBO Helmsley Classic Poker Table features a solid wood railing and multiple style options for sturdy, solid wood legs. All BBO tables come with the playing surface options of short fiber velveteen cloth, or water-resistant suited speed cloth in a variety of stylish colors. Cards glide smoothly across both options, and the suited speed cloth comes embossed with card suits for added aesthetic appeal.


You should also consider your budget when selecting a poker table. Whether you’ve got limited funds or you’re in the position to splurge, poker tables are available for a wide range of price points.

The BBO Ultimate Jr has all the space saving benefits of the BBO Ultimate, but at a lower price and a smaller size, seating up to 8 players.

Another low budget option is the Ram GameRoom Folding Poker Table. This table seats 6 players, comes in multiple table finish options, and comes in under $600. It even folds up for easy storage, making it perfect for the once-in-awhile poker player.

If you’re in the position to seriously invest in your suburban casino, you’ve got endless options for customization. More upscale, contemporary tables can feature upgrades such as LED lights, custom designs on the playing surface, built-in card shufflers and more!

The BBO Lumen HD LED Poker Table features a kidney bean-shaped design to accommodate a dealer and 10 players. It also includes color changing LED lighting trim with 5 light modes, and upgrades such as a built-in cash drop box, matching dining tabletop, built-in card shuffler, and mounted USB charging ports.

Whether you’re having some friends over for a friendly card game after a long week or training for the World Series of Poker, you’re sure to find the perfect table for your space, budget, and other needs! You can find all of these great tables as well as cards, chips and more at

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